Hotels near Nimrod Street

Nearby Hotels
Morgans Boutique Hotel
Distance: 0.0 miles

Kirketon Hotel Sydney
Distance: 0.1 miles

Sydney Boutique Hotel
Distance: 0.1 miles

Medusa Boutique Hotel
Distance: 0.1 miles

Darlo Bar Darlinghurst
Distance: 0.1 miles

Larmont Sydney by Lancemore
Distance: 0.1 miles

The Bayswater Sydney
Distance: 0.2 miles

ibis budget Sydney East
Distance: 0.2 miles

Holiday Inn Potts Point Sydney
Distance: 0.2 miles

Central Perk Lodge
Distance: 0.2 miles

Lido Suites
Distance: 0.3 miles

UNO Hotel Sydney
Distance: 0.3 miles

Highfield Hotel
Distance: 0.3 miles

Springfield Lodge
Distance: 0.3 miles

Astoria Space Pop Up
Distance: 0.3 miles

The Sydney Boulevard Hotel
Distance: 0.4 miles

Arts Hotel
Distance: 0.4 miles

Spicers Potts Point
Distance: 0.4 miles

Sydney Wattle Hotel
Distance: 0.4 miles

Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay Sydney
Distance: 0.4 miles

Nearby Places
Saint John Church (0.1 miles)
Kirketon Road (0.1 miles)
Womerah Avenue (0.1 miles)
Chaplin Street (0.1 miles)
Darley Street (0.1 miles)
West Street (0.1 miles)
Sydney Jewish Museum (0.1 miles)
Farrell Avenue (0.1 miles)
Hardie Street (0.1 miles)
Darlinghurst Road (0.2 miles)
Kings Cross (0.2 miles)
Ron Shores Park (0.2 miles)
Bayswater Road (0.2 miles)
Ward Avenue (0.2 miles)
Kings Cross Metro-Link (0.2 miles)
First Church of Christ Scientist (0.2 miles)
Clapton Place (0.2 miles)
Green Park (0.2 miles)
Kellett Street (0.2 miles)
Brougham Street (0.2 miles)
Dowling Street (0.2 miles)
Glenview Lane (0.2 miles)
McElhone Street (0.2 miles)
Saint Vincents Hospital (0.2 miles)
Premier Lane (0.2 miles)
Darlinghurst (0.2 miles)
Dillon Street (0.2 miles)
Macdonald Street (0.2 miles)
Glenview Street (0.2 miles)
Judge Street (0.2 miles)
Fortes Street (0.2 miles)
Saint Peters Church (0.3 miles)
McLachlan Avenue (0.3 miles)
Saint Peters Street (0.3 miles)
Thomson Street (0.3 miles)
Roslyn Gardens Road (0.3 miles)
Barcom Avenue (0.3 miles)
Roslyn Street (0.3 miles)
Talbot Place (0.3 miles)